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Essays - Magic Money, and More

Annie used to teach this sort of fun stuff!

These particular essays were inspired by questions and comments from friends and neighbors who became curious when they (or Annie) realized they did not understand the idea of the Invisible Hand, or how their government could conjure pandemic stimulus money from "nowhere." 

Book Review: The Essential Adam Smith -
What He Said May Not Be What you Think

Money and the Pandemic

These essays address monetary policy (central banking and the Fed), fiscal policy (government budgets), fiat money (including dollars and bitcoin), and inflation (price-level changes). They present accepted teachings in economics, for the general reader, with a few thoughts on today's challenges tossed in.

Magic Growth and the Path of Change

These essays are based on accepted teachings, Annie's specialized academic studies, and Annie's wide reading on contemporary matters. Each essay includes a brief section explaining how it might differ from convention.

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