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History/Herstory - Selected Stories from Annie's Worldview

How does anyone put almost 70 years of stories out there for others to enjoy? Only by picking and choosing from a lifetime of adventures. This page is likely to become a consolidation, reducing the total number of pages on this site, but for now, please see a few different topics/projects at right.

History, According to Some

Some people are interested in the grand themes of history. One that has engaged Annie - is "Rise and Decline of Empire." Two different links below connect to creative ideas for your own discussions.

Warning - Trump Supporters Link above is very technical. These things are not easy, even for economists. Please forgive us! The "essays" page attempts to explain the matter for general readers. Link, below right, should take you there.

Herstory, According to Her

For a brief moment, many years ago, Annie thought she might have a chance to change the rules. It's a heady moment; but also one of great weight - what if things were to get worse? That brief moment faded, as soon as she entered the Real World. So, she got on with living her life.

The buttons in italics at left offer a few perspectives on our crazy world.


Other Stories

More stories coming soon....


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