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The Pursuit of Happiness

In pursuit of happiness, would you choose wealth or joy? Read on...

Annie is incorrigibly interested in everything and everyone. She is an avid reader and writer. You are invited to click on the link above, for Annie's quick summaries of several books. The reading list is designed to invite you to explore a process of discovering what a deeper happiness may be... But, of course, this is just Annie's sharing. Everyone has their own journey.

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Annie's Theory

Annie was invited to complete some work she had started, years ago, in tandem with her readings about the pursuit of happiness. You are welcome to click on the link below, to see some surprising conclusions. You might have to check out the theory of supply and demand (sorry) before you get started. But really, the hardest part of understanding the theory is not what it says, but that it is "outside the box."

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