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Anne Emerson, a.k.a. Annie


My Photography

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Anne Emerson was born and raised in England, where some friends nick-named her Annie. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1977 and lived in the Washington DC metropolitan area for many years.  She and her husband moved to Williamsburg, Virginia in 2018.

Anne learned photography from Community Center classes, Photographic Club meetings, books, and experience.  Her main interest lies in photography’s artistic possibilities. She also worked as a photographer for Sears Portrait Studio from 1988 to 1989.

Annie joined the League of Reston Artists in the 1980s, and helped found the Reston Photographic Society, a subgroup of that League.  She edited the League’s newsletter, was President of RPS, and represented RPS to the Greater Washington Council of Camera Clubs, for whom she organized a photographic seminar/expo.  During this period, she participated in LRA and RPS shows and received several awards, including one Best in Show. Some of her photographs are in private collections.

She rejoined the League around 2013 and became leader of RPS again in August, 2015.  Her exhibits from that period include several one-woman shows in local buildings, and representation in juried photography shows such as ArtSpace in Herndon, Nature Visions, and the Joseph Miller Abstract Show. She sold a few more photos from these exhibits.

She now belongs to the Colonial Nature Photography Club.

Since 2015, she has developed digital slide shows and videos, using Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Premiere Elements, with instruction on visual story-telling techniques from a friend. These slide shows have been shared with family and friends; also, occasionally, with wider audiences.

My Poetry

Anne Emerson is incorrigibly interested in everything. She likes to work with her hands (creating flower gardens and arrangements, and taking photos), and also spends hours in thought - ideas running off in many directions.

She prefers lyrical poetry, rich in imagery, both visual and emotional, and tries to create poems containing those elements. She also enjoys writing poems about photos she missed by not "seizing the moment," and likes to match photos with poems, whichever of the two might have been inspired first.

She was born in England and immigrated to the U.S., to be with her DC-born husband, on 7-7-77.  They lived in the DC area and retired to Williamsburg, Virginia in 2018. Anne once worked as a photographer for Sears Portrait Studio. She has taught French to young children and Economics to MBA students.

Anne’s poems have been published in several editions of the annual anthologies, NOVA Bards and The Poet’s Domain. She has presented poetry (her own and others’) to senior communities in Northern Virginia and in Williamsburg.

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