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Anne Emerson, a.k.a. Annie

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A Twin is Born a Communicator
(Think about it... pre-language,
struggling to fit two in one womb??)

Annie made a presentation about having fun with arts, crafts, and discovery.

The full slide show (59 slides) is at the link above.

Or click on the "Summary Slides" link below

for a summary slide show (5 slides).

There is no audio with the slides.

Annie invites you to click on the link above, for an adventure in imagination regarding her ancestry.

My Photography

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Annie's main photographic interest lies in its artistic possibilities, including portraiture.  She was born (the younger of identical twins) and raised in England, where some friends nick-named her Annie. She moved to the United States in 1977 with her DC-born husband. After retirement, they relocated to Williamsburg, Virginia.

Annie learned photography from Photo Club members and speakers, Adult Education classes, books, and practice in the field. She once worked as a photographer for Sears Portrait Studio, and also, briefly, apprenticed to a wedding photographer.


Over the past ten years, her photos have been accepted into high quality juried shows. Two entries won Special Merit Awards in the annual Joseph Miller Abstract Show. More recently, she exhibited at Williamsburg Landing, and in Arts Herndon's Fine Art Photography Exhibit, May 2023, where she was awarded an Honorable Mention. This website, was established in November 2021.

My Poetry

Annie is incorrigibly interested in everything and everyone. She likes to work with her hands (creating flower gardens and arrangements, taking photos, solving small mechanical problems, fixing all sorts of things), and also spends hours in thought - ideas running off in many directions.

She prefers lyrical poetry, rich in imagery, both visual and emotional, and tries to create poems containing those elements. She also enjoys writing poems about photos she missed by not "seizing the moment," and ekphrastic poems, using her own photos.

Anne's proclivity for writing has found her editing newsletters, serving as recording secretary, and taking accurate notes in many volunteer roles. Her poems are published in several editions of NoVA Bards and The Poets' Domain. She belongs to the James City Poets, and the Poetry Society of Virginia

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My Essays


Annie learned to write essays in an "independent" school, to which she was fortunate to have received a scholarship, and at a well-regarded University in England. These skills served her well when it came to advanced research and reading in the social sciences. She specializes in Economics (with an interest in the long run), but also reads popular and scholarly works in psychology, sociology, science, and cultural studies. A few of her essays have been printed in a small community magazine; these and others are now published on this website.

My Economics

Annie learned Economics in graduate school at the University of Maryland, College Park (near Washington, DC). General readers may not know that there are many sub-specialties in Economics. So, here are a few ways in which Annie's writing crosses specialties:

International Economics - Empirical validity of the Prebisch-Singer hypothesis explained. Suggest we stop ignoring the success of mercantilist behavior, and that we challenge that behavior as manifested by large businesses as well as by large countries.

Economics of Emerging Markets - Candidate offered for the moment of "take-off." (Explaining why some countries grow but others don't has eluded the best of us! See Foreign Affairs, January 2020 - The Future of Capitalism.) Global dualism, a.k.a. inequality, explained, by INDUSTRY, not by country. Suggestions offered, for effective policies to counter this "natural" tendency in market systems

Labor Economics - Conundrum explained - high average wages in cities, but little regional variation in wages, for workers of similar socioeconomic status. Conundrum explained - why cities grow, long-term - using economic theory rather than the "gravity model." Conundrum explained - education-biased technological change, along with wealthy internet gurus having little more than a high school education.

Rural and Urban Planning - Conundrum explained - many public services in wealthier regions, but fewer in poorer regions. Suggest relaxing requirement for constant coefficients in Input-Output models.

Comparative Economic Systems - The "Stockholm School" and non-equilibrium economics modeled successfully, with a role for what is lost as well as a role for what is gained. Suggest intersectoral discussion and coordination rather than top-down planning (which latter was a major component in the collapse of the Soviet Union).

The Micro-Foundations of Macroeconomics - Innovative role for money, in a model that falls traditionally in (non-monetary) microeconomics, explains how inequality increases under current institutional structures in market systems

Behavioral Economics - Explains the role of incentives in buying, selling, and making rules. Reminder that Adam Smith warned against allowing money-makers to make the rules

Economic Growth Theory - Explains the development of inequality over time in market systems, and the lack of "trickle-down." Explains how this process falls under the radar of mainstream economic models.

Economics of Public Policy - reminding politicians that there are more important matters than cost-benefit analyses, or economic growth. Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" was never intended to operate in an ethical vacuum. See Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Essays page - Book Review - The Essential Adam Smith)

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