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Annie's Photo Products and Portraits

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Calendars - Annie's Monthly Photos are on the Galleries Page this year. Calendars may resume next year
See Galleries Page, 2023 Monthly Photos

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Dogwood Motion Pan

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Governor's Palace

Note Cards and Other Photo Gifts

(Examples above)

Local hand delivery only – shipping to purchasers is not possible owing to small staff and custom service

Note cards – 6 cards + envelopes, $10 per pack

Calendars $16 each

Please inquire for other types of photo gifts and Annie's books

Annie has made custom holiday cards, note cards, and other photo gifts for family and friends.  Photo Books of "Pics and Poems," Williamsburg note cards, Reston mugs, and several types of photo note cards are already available; as are 5" x 7" holiday cards, sympathy cards, and thinking of you cards; copies may be ordered locally.

This is not a business – there is no profit, rather a loss; cost of photo gifts does not include cost of photographic equipment, cost of travel to photo sites (some are thousands of miles away), or the many hours Annie spends at the computer. She likes to share and asks only that the costs of printing, shipping from the supplier, handling, and incidentals be covered.

Please click the link above to be taken to Pics and Poems page

Portrait Photography

If you live in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, Annie will be glad to discuss taking your portrait in return for a model release. These would be character portraits, not the quick in-and-out preferred by some portrait studios. She would share the photos with you at no charge, but she would retain rights to the photos. The most likely use, if any, would be for entry to an art show.

For product or portrait information, please contact me at

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